Catching Up

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Many things have happened since the last post in February.

Kaggle and other competitions

  • KDD Cup 2015 – My team InterContinental Ensemble (Andreas, Michael, Tam, Mert, Kohei, Song, Xiaocong, Peng, and me) finished first out of 821 teams!
  • Otto Group Product Classification Challenge at Kaggle – Michael, Abhishek and I finished 3rd out of 3,514 teams.
  • Liberty Mutual Group: Property Inspection Prediction at Kaggle – Michael and I finished 5th out of 2,236 teams while we were 1st on the public leaderboard.
  • Countable Care: Modeling Women’s Health Care Decisions at Driven Data – Abhishek and I finished 3rd out of 491 teams.

Kaggler package

  • Kaggler 0.3.8 was released.
  • Fellow Kaggler, Jiming Ye added an online tree learner to the package.

I will post about each update soon. Stay tuned! 🙂