Mentoring Diary - What Is Success

Recently God leads me to the places to meet awesome mentors and many mentees in Christ. Also, He gives me ideas of how to mentor mentees. I think God wants to use me either to be a good mentor to mentees or to help them to meet good mentors. I want to share some of those here.

First, I want to talk about what success is, which I learned from Elder Brian Chun’s sermon at KPM.

Why do we mentor mentees? Why do mentees get mentoring? I would say it’s for leading mentees to succeed in their lives. Then, what is success? According to the definition of success, the way how we mentor should be different. As a Christian, our success should not be the same as success in the world: wealth, fame, prosperity.

Elder Chun defines the success of Christians as being faithful to God’s calling. It’s rather a process than a result. It’s rather about the giver than about the receiver of talents.

If we read the Bible, about some generations, there is only a few description or even no description at all. There should be some successful people in those generation as well in terms of the success of the world. However, God doesn’t count it. Those were not important to God.

We all, as Christians, want to be called as “good and faithful servants” at the end of our lives in front of God. Then we need to check our perception of success first.

I think that’s the very first thing to remind mentees of.