My First Journal Publication

made me dance at night in Kyoto…

지난 11일 한 밤 중에 쿄토에 있는 료칸에서 나를 춤(!)추게 만들었던 이메일 한 통…

10th Jul 2009

Dear Dr. Schweighofer:

I am pleased to inform you that your revised paper, “Dual-adaptation supports a parallel architecture of motor memory,” is considered suitable for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience in its present form. … On behalf of the Editorial Board, I thank you for submitting this paper to The Journal of Neuroscience.

Yours sincerely,

Earl Miller

Senior Editor

Journal of Neuroscience

Also, 더불어 …

Published translation (mainly done by Jincheol) 진철이 형 고생 무지하게 시키고 날(?)로먹은 떡고물 (형! 미안;;)