Useful Sites About Coupons and Deals

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Here I’m sending useful sites about coupons and deals.

Hope this information is helpful for you to settle in. 🙂

Daily checkup today’s deals and coupons:

Additional cashback: – Can get additional 1~5% cashback through this site Restaurant: – Can buy a 50% off coupon or $20 certificate for $3~5. – Can make a reservation online and get points – Can find ratings and reviews of almost every restaurant Banking: – Can find High rate CDs, savings accounts or other promotions – many other rates including mortgage, Auto loan, credit cards, CD, … Other helpful blogs:

Used goods: (Korean) (Korean) For example, when I needed a new laptop, I checked up and found 25% off coupon for dell Inspiron laptops and 15% off coupon for dell outlet, then I went to and clicked a dell link to get 1~3% additional cashback. At the dell website, I ordered a laptop using a 2% cashback creditcard which I had found from This ended up like more than $100 of savings.

Another example, I often find a 70% off deal for certificates at, and at, I purchase a 50% off certificate for one of my local restaurants, let’s say Misto Cafe. Then I can have dinner at Misto Cafe at a half price by only additional $3.