English Cafe with Natalie on Jan 24

Hi, Natalie, this is Jeong. – this is: usually for live conversation. For phone message, it’s better to use ‘It’s’ Jeong. Nowadays, I have a friend from Korea here in Los Angeles. – nowadays: habitual -> lately or these days helping him to settle down – settle down : figurative (settle down into a permanent home) -> settle in : temporary or in a particular home So we cannot meet today – We : command -> I cannot meet today or It would be hard to meet today. My phone number is changed 213 and 308 and 1449 It’s hard to see you. – = The person is ugly. -> It has been difficult to meet up with you. Purse – for woman -> wallet or bag. cf. murse : purse for man considering about that -> considering doing that applying a graduate program -> applying to a graduate program The semester before last semester -> 2 semesters ago