I had a car accident yesterday.

Feng and I were on the way to home after party for Lab members at the Chul’s house. Feng was driving his Eclipes which he bought a month ago and I was sitting on a passenger’s seat. When I recognized that we were about to drive through an intersection on a red traffic light and said it to Feng, it was too late to stop. And then we crashed!

The SUV which had been going to cross to us slammed Feng’s car heavily and was bounced to a sidewalk. My body was jerking forward and then back. The air back inflated. The front of Feng’s car was totally crushed but, fotunately, nobody was hurt. (Thank God!) My cheek scratched and lips swelled up just a little by the air bag.

After I came back home, I reflected on that accident. I could have lost my sight, I could have been hurt severly or I could have died by the accident. I thought that I was almost at the stairway to heaven. Wow…It’s very scary. I realized that I am neither ready to death nor strong to live with those kinds of misfortune. I felt that the Lord keep me safe because I have a lot of mission to complete in my life. That’s fine but I am still supposed to be able to thank whatever happen to me. I didn’t seem to have an attitude like that yet. I was ashamed of it.

Now, I think that the accident was good experiance to me both spiritually and physically. It gave me the valuable time to reflect on myself and it also made me driving more carefully. In addition, I came to be familiar to Feng more than before.

May Jesus be with you. 🙂