You Played Awesome

Allen said to me after the basketball game which we played after an open chapel. In fact, Allen was the man who played very awesome!! I really mean it. Anyway it was true that I really enjoyed it. 🙂

Jonghye and I attended the KCCC open chapel at 7 pm. It was the third time for us to go there. KCCC is the chirstian community which is composed almost by second-generation Korean American undergraduates who are pleasing, energetic, cute-_- and above all very sincere to GOD.

When we arrived at LA, I suggested to Jonghye that we shouldn’t join any kind of communities which could make us spend too much time on them.

After a few weeks, however, I recognized that most people who I had met were Korean graduate students like me and I didn’t want to spend my whole graduate life with them because I really want to improve English communication skills and experience real American culture – not Korean graduates’ culture in America. Besides, I was struggling with my poor English. Even when I ordered something at the store, clecks couldn’t understand what I said. – What the hell is the prononciation of “Double Whopper”!! – So I came to consider joining a student commity.

And at that time, Jeong and Chan came me. – Thank GOD – When I was studying – trust me!- outside of the engineering building, I met them twice in the campus. They approached me, introduced themselves as members of KCCC and recommended me to attend their open chapel. And I was there with Jonghye on next Thusday.

Now, I am really happy to know KCCC people and enjoy having a good time with them. Thank GOD. You have always prepared the best for me. I cannot help praising for You. 🙂